Reasons to Experience Palau Diving

Palau Diving

Palau diving is one of the best things you should try when you visit Guam. This island stuns many tourists because of its rich marine life and awe-inspiring diving spots. … Read more

Novotel Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport

The main attractions here are the Airport Location and the Novotel brand. Finding and boarding the shuttle from the airport (next door) to the hotel was quite efficient, but still … Read more

Top Things to Do in Broome


Perhaps you have moved to Broome and you are looking at getting out there and having a bit of an adventure for yourself. This is more than possible with a … Read more

Visiting Fiji Beach Resort

Beach Resort

Many people who like adventure would engage in diving and snorkelling. The rich marine life oceans and seas are interesting for a quick exploration. There is a sense of thrill and … Read more

Tips to save on hotel stay

Save on Hotel Stay

Travelling is fun especially if you are with the people you love. But travelling could be costly as well especially if you did not plan ahead and just book on … Read more

Corporate Boat Charter

Boat Charter

Corporate boat charter is a perfect avenue for your business meetings, meet-ups with prospect clients, and to be reunited with other businessmen. It is always best to find new areas … Read more