Novotel Bangkok Airport

The main attractions here are the Airport Location and the Novotel brand.


Finding and boarding the shuttle from the airport (next door) to the hotel was quite efficient, but still it took 6 or 7 minutes to drive such a short distance.  I wondered why they didn’t build a sky-walkway between the hotel and the airport complete with shopping.   It would be great to check-in to the hotel and leave bags with Novotel staff while still at the airport, and then just stroll over, such a short walk.  It would promote the hotel enormously to flyers, anyway.

I stay at many Novotel’s and can tell you this one is a real Flagship… like the Suvarnabhumi Airport is to Thai Airways.  … it is quite extraordinary, particularly the enormous 6-Star’ish ‘Lobby’ for want of a better description, as it is more like a high-class town centre.

novotel Suvarnabhumi

The hotel building is not very tall, only 5 levels, meaning nice short fast lift rides.   But that also means very long hall-walkways taking us to the room that seemed scruffy in comparison to the grand entry.   I think the hallway carpet needed deep-cleaning, it almost looked like it should be replaced.  Appearing like 10 year-old carpet but in a rather new hotel, that I thought was strange.

The room we had was nice, clean and comfortable.. but more like a 4 Star room.    I took a beer from the Minibar and that was disappointingly not-cold… really room-temperature warm I noticed just as I opened it.    Not worth the 200 baht ($7.70 AUD) …warm beer is worth nothing to me, I don’t want it.   We spent the evening downstairs in one of the terrific hotel bars and had lovely food and drinks.

Back to bed and Novotel-traditionally boom! ……beautiful linen, nice pillows, gowns etc.  It was very quiet.  Hard to imagine the amount of massive jets taking off above and landing not very far away.     The bathrooms were typical Novotel, pretty good.


Our wake-up call was on-time and checkout was very efficient, with a fast and friendly concierge.  I mentioned at reception that I think the hotel was great, except the warm beer as I paid for it.  There was no consideration or apology about it from the otherwise lovely friendly Thai girls on reception. You can contact the Novotel Suvarnabhumi here.

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