Reasons to Experience Palau Diving

Palau diving is one of the best things you should try when you visit Guam. This island stuns many tourists because of its rich marine life and awe-inspiring diving spots. Still hesitant in going to this paradise? Listed below are the reasons to try this activity:


Palau Diving

Palau Diving

Stunning View

Palau is no ordinary destination. Home to best dive sites, this place boasts mountain ranges that you can enjoy viewing from afar. It is also full of umbrella-shaped islands that are surrounded by blue lagoons. Thus, this is to visit if you love sight-seeing.

Good Accommodation

You will have lots of options when it comes to accommodations. You can choose from an array of hotels and inns for the best vacation. There are hotels which offer the finest cuisines and facilities that will surely appeal to couples or families who seek a fun and romantic hideaway on an idyllic island.

There are many hotels with terraces and balcony, which is perfect for relaxation. Find out more here!

Diving Sites

Let’s face it, Palau isn’t short of stunning dive sites. There’s Blue Corner which is home to barracuda and sharks. However, if you want to tick seeing eagle rays off your bucket list, head to Blue Holes. You can also go to Jellyfish lake for a unique experience. The calm and pristine water of this area offers spectacular beauty that divers will instantly love.

Palau diving sites offer a lot of choices for your next vacation. If diving doesn’t appeal to you but you still want to see the island, then don’t worry about getting bored as this place is teeming with activities you can try. Each hotel here offers facilities like sports room or boutiques that you will also enjoy.


Get the relaxation you deserve. Visit one of the best destinations in the world. For further details when it comes to accommodation and Palau diving, browse the website of Always Dive Expeditions.