Park Avenue, Singapore – Locked Like A Disaster Unfolding. It Turned Out Pretty Good!

I had booked on-line and paid in advance, in the ‘Requests’ field I asked the hotel for advice on transport from the airport, but nobody replied to that in the 4 days between my booking and my arrival.


I made very sure I selected the correct room-type, not a ‘Twin’. I even stipulated in the ‘Request’ field (as I always do) ‘No smoking, King bed please’, and took screen-shot that as I always do. I am continually cautious of being put in a single bed. I am not 5 years old anymore and coming from New Zealand I really suffer in the heat of Asia. Rolling over into the cool side of the bed-sheets is vital to me being able to sleep at all, no matter how cold I can get the room.

I started to cringe as the taxi pulled up…. they really could win an award for the most un-impressive hotel lobby in Asia. I maintained a polite and nervous smile as I continued to check-in. Contrary to my usual route through Thailand and Philippines, the first thing I noticed was no smiling or a*se-kissing from reception.

I was given my room-key card and invited to go ahead up, my luggage would follow. I head on up. I find two Tiny little beds in my room and leave quickly going back to reception. I calmly hand them the key back and politely say with a smile “You gave me the wrong room, that is a kids room.” Biting my tongue and remaining calm even after a 9 hour flight… I just want what I booked and what I paid for. The typical response I am so prepared for “…sorry, that is the room you booked”. I pulled out my computer and showed them the screen-shots of my booking and the added precautionary requests.

Then they try me again…. “sorry that is the only room we can give you” SNAP! You just pushed my angry button. I said.. “you better go and get someone out of the bedroom I booked and paid for then …. do I look like a child to you….!?

The manager quickly intervened and miraculously the King room that I booked and paid for was suddenly available. Why do hotels try to do this to people? It is a business hotel in a business park…. do some business colleagues share children bedrooms?

The King-room was small, with very nice fittings such as great bathroom tap-ware. The air-conditioning was very effective, silent and quickly responsive to what I set it to.


Parched and peckish I open the refrigerator…. it wasn’t just empty, it wasn’t even turned on! So before taking a shower I had to run round organising drinks and snacks. I just walked to the store across the boulevard, being a bit disgruntled with what had just happened I didn’t want to buy from the hotel.

Coming back in I ordered a bucket of ice from reception, and that was promptly delivered complimentary. However I had to sign that – if I lost the ice bucket I would pay $35…?? Huh? Pointless! …..what about everything else in the room I could take? I found this a bit petty, like the refrigerator being turned-off, and having no mini-bar. To me things like this make hotels look like they are penny-pinching, but it costs them money, because if there was is mini bar I would buy from it at a premium. Paying the price for convenience makes sense to me.

From then-on everything was good… great shower, good TV, good Wi-Fi. Then I jumped in bed. I would say this is one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in. Definitely in the top 5. Good pillows, just awesome. I had a terrific sleep.

Checkout was fast, as there was no minibar or any such thing to check on.

The location is perfect for business travel, supply everywhere and close to the airport.

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