Wedding Party Venue Hire: Trends for 2018

It seems that many couples want to get married during the colder months of the year. Besides being more suitable for guests, it also seems to help them get the fire going in their relationship. Because of this, finding a wedding party venue hire that’s right up the alley is essential. If you are one of these couples, here are some trends you might want to try out:


Wedding Party Venue

Restaurant and Pub Weddings

Whilst most people love attending church weddings and romantic estates, many couples are opting to hold their reception in their favourite bar or restaurant. Not only do these places allow you to party hard and let your hair down after a long day, these venues also help you feel right at home.

If you have a favourite place to go to, why not speak with the manager? They might be able to arrange something that you can both agree on.

Exciting Food and Drink Pairings

Surprise your guests by giving them great food and beverage pairings. Instead of a stiff and orchestrated meal, why not swap red and white wines for some craft beers or even a special cocktail? Partnered with the right cheese and main dishes, you and your guests will surely be in for a treat.

Rustic and Vintage-Inspired Themes

More couples are leaning towards industrialised yet rustic-inspired themes. If you are one of these people but don’t want to go all out, why not get a sleek and simple venue? This is perfect if you want to channel an industrial theme. Pair it with lots of rustic pieces and vintage furniture to soften the overall appearance of the place. If you want to go the extra mile, ask your guests to come in whimsical pieces to get in with your theme.

Intense Colours with Neutral Undertones

Wedding colours are usually associated with something that’s pastel-themed or neutral-toned. However, for 2018, there seems to be a movement towards intensive colours as well as bolder and brighter hues. Incorporate these in your chosen location by using flowers and decorations that have berry-infused tones and forest green shades.


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