Take your time when picking your jumping castle

As an event planner, it is not easy to cover every moment of an event. There will always be times when guests will find nothing to do and start to get bored. But since it is your responsibility to avoid that to happen as much as possible, it is your task to keep them entertained while they are on this event, it is therefore also your task to find something that can entertain them. You can always hire photo booths to entertain guests but most of the time, parents will bring in their children especially if the event will not really require them not to. And for this, you can’t simply reprimand these kids to stay put as the mothers might not take it well. But there is still a way for them not to be a bother and can even have the parents enjoy as well. That is if you will hire a jumping castle.


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A jumping castle is an inflatable gigantic toy that can accommodate 8 – 10 kids at the same time. While the kids are in there playing, you can ask the mothers to watch their kids as they might get into fights or something. So, this will give them something to do especially that most mothers will really love to take pictures of their kids having so much fun. So, you have actually hit two birds in one stone. However, you should be careful in picking the jumping castle. And to help you in that aspect, here are some sound tips:

– Your top priority should be is safety. Actually, the only fear most parents will have when allowing their kids play with jumping castles is their safety. As you see, the reason they enjoy this gigantic inflatable toy is the fact that it is bouncy and they can jump, climb and tumble on it. That means that if there is something in the castle that is not tighten, in time it will surely loosen up with the activities it will receive all throughout the day. That is why, you must check from top to bottom if everything and every part is in place and secured.

– You must also estimate the number of children that might want to play with this toy as most probably, everyone will do. So, if you think hiring only one inflatable toy is not enough or will only make others cry, then why not hire two jumping castles instead. This is a party after all and it is supposed to be a happy occasion. No one should be crying and no parent should just go there to comfort her kid.


– Another thing to consider is the size. But you must know that even the largest jumping castle can only hold up to 8 – 10 medium sized kids. So, you can make your calculations from there.

As long as the jumping castle is in perfect condition and someone is watching the kids, your party should be a success. So, you can start scouting for a provider of bouncy castle  hire in Gold Coast now!