Senior Travel Tips

Before leaving, consult your doctor on how to tweak your regular medicine schedule to fit a new time zone. Some medicines that are OK in Australia may be prohibited in another country. Contact the Australian embassy for clarifications on this before traveling abroad.


It is better to take vaccinations against infectious diseases and flu, pneumonia etc to protect yourself. Discuss dietary changes with your doctor in case you are diabetic and inform your travel agent or the hotel so that the required arrangements are made well in advance.

Don’t draw up a packed itinerary. It is easy for senior travelers to feel tired due to prolonged travel and they must have plenty of rests in between to recharge themselves, especially in hot condition. Always carry bottled water and avoid eating any food that you are not accustomed to. Carry medicines to treat travelers’ diarrhea. This is quite common and easily treatable so don’t let this spoil your journey. It is advisable to get Accomodation apartments Byron Bay for comfortable and safe place to stay.

Safety Tips

When going through unknown lands, it always pays to be safe and extra cautious. Avoid traveling late at night or alone through lonely or distant places. Always travel in a Senior holidays group or hire a reliable person as a guide. Don’t wear expensive jewelry conspicuously. Always carry valuables like cash, credit card or important papers like passport and identity papers on a belt worn around your waist. At all times, you must have complete details of the nearest Australian embassy with you. In case the place where you are traveling does not have an Australian embassy nearby, seek help from the British embassy. It will be wise of you to carry a dummy wallet with some loose change in case you are accosted by a mugger.

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