Reserving Hotel Accommodations for your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. Reserving hotel accommodation for a wedding party can slip many people’s mind until the last minute. The main question is should you reserve a block of hotel rooms for your wedding guests. Hotel blocks are a great way of having a lot of people in one area of a hotel when people are traveling for the wedding. The other reasons you may want to do this are if you think that all the rooms will be booked for the weekend of your wedding, or if you just want to help your guests find hotel accommodations.


What do you need to know about booking hotel accommodation in blocks? Most of the information that you need is covered in this article. Also, you need to be careful when reserving hotel rooms in blocks, as you may get stuck paying for the rooms that your guests did not use or pay for.

  1. Time to reserve

Like everything else with a wedding, hotel accommodations need to be booked early since there are a lot of things that can come up. Sporting events and conventions book blocks of rooms months before the event and can take up whole hotels. The amount of hotel accommodation in your area can affect if you can book in blocks. Some smaller hotels will not allow blocks of rooms to be reserved as they do not have the number of rooms to do so.

  1. Most common types

There are two main types of hotel blocks, Closed/Guaranteed and Open/Courtesy blocks. Closed blocks are the type that the hotel needs a deposit to block off the number of rooms that you think that you need. They will also find you financially responsible for any of the rooms at are not sold. This is the type of room blocking that many people try to stay clear of. Filling every single room can become a nightmare, and should only be used in cases where the hotel is the only one in town or is the only one open at the time of the event.

Open blocks are more common and less of a headache. Most times, the biggest problem with reserving open blocks of rooms is that the hotel accommodations need to be confirmed before a cut-off date. This time frame varies from 30 to 90 days before the hotel accommodations are needed. Any rooms that are not booked by the cut-off date are then released to the market and sold at normal pricing. There is one downside to this, many times hotels are only allowed to hold between 10 and 20 rooms per event. This means you may have to book another block of rooms with another hotel if you are going to need a lot of hotel accommodation.

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