Job responsibilities of a tour guide

Tourism has always been one of the most important industries for the East Asian countries. Economy of Thailand also depends highly on the tourists coming from all over the world. Being such an integral part of the economy, this industry is well supported by the government. There are numerous jobs available related to this sector. Job of a Tour Guide is the most exciting and lucrative opportunity for the people working in Thailand.


What is a tour guide?

Tour guide is a person who interacts with the tourists and introduces them to the famous places of the country they are touring. He is the source of all the information that a tourist would want to gather. He is more like the ambassador of the country who makes the foreign tourists aware of their culture and traditions. Shipping Methods

What does he do?

The work of a tour guide is very exciting and engaging. It’s his responsibility to organize and arrange the tours to various tourists’ attractions in the city. He also handles all the arrangements that have to be made to take the tourists to those attractions, their refreshments and their accommodations. He also provides them with all the factual and historical information about the places they visit. Engaging the tourists and making them aware of the historical importance is the most fundamental part of his job. Office Supplies

Job of a tour guide involves a lot of field work. You will hardly get time to sit in the office and do work.

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