Ensure that the car is insured by the car rental. You will have to give a deposit amount as part of the bond. Always check the deposit amount as it varies depending on credit card or debit card that you leave behind with the car rental. In addition, follow the traffic rules so that you do not increase the risk of meeting with any untoward incidents.



Save money on fuel tanks

Before you start the journey, check to see if the fuel tank is full. If you have to fill petrol within a few 100 kilometers, then you have wasted your money. In addition, if you are travelling a long distance, pick a car that is fuel efficient. As a pre-requisite you have to fill the fuel tank before returning the car. Go to the nearest petrol station so that the car rental does not charge for less fuel in the car.

Follow the time

Each car rental has a different rental policy. While some may give you a grace period of one hour to return the car, others may charge you for being late. The late fees will really pinch your pockets as it will be high.

Chauffer driven cars

Some car rentals also offer the services of a chauffeur but it will be expensive. Check the chauffeur licence and his track record for traffic violations. Also, inform the car rental to keep a back-up ready in case of the chauffeur breaking the traffic rules.

Don’t forget to book online for your accommodation as you don’t want this to be the cause of your problem.