Why promotional video production is good for your business

All business, regardless of size, needs some form of promotion. Business promotion can be in the form of distribution of promotional items such as pens with the company logo imprinted on it or it can also be in the form of promotional video production. This kind of video is often added to those businesses online and they incorporate the promotional video production with some graphics in order to make the website as interesting as possible. Listed below are the reasons why it is advantageous for online business to add promotional video production of their website:

  • It is faster to get information through videos. Busy people do not like to spend too much time learning about the products and services of a particular business. The videos can inform people in about two to three minutes while reading texts and lengthy documents can eat as much as fifteen to twenty minutes of their time.


  • Websites with promotional video production can be recognized more by search engines and they are placed in the higher rankings, as a result, more traffic is generated on the website.


  • If the video is interesting and unique, it can get viral on the social media. This equates to more visitors to the website and increased sales. Also, making promotional video production is cheaper because the videos can be easily shared by the internet users. One single video can spread like fire on the internet, provided that it is unique and interesting.


  • The audio-visual feature of promotional video production is more attractive than text messages. The sense of sight and the sense of hearing are titillated. Likewise, the messages are better understood than reading text materials.


  • It is also proven that website visitors tend to stay longer on the page if there is a video presentation. Their interest is sustained and there is a higher chance that they will be encouraged to make a purchase after watching promotional video production.


  • Creating a video is no longer as expensive as it used to be. Technology has made it cheaper to produce and edit videos.


  • Research has proven that 79% of internet users prefer to watch promotional video production rather than read lengthy texts and documents.


  • Videos are easier to comprehend than reading text messages. You can explain more succinctly to your customers the features of the products that you are selling. Customers like it when the product description and uses are explained to them as simply as possible