What is cappuccino?

The popularity of cappuccino is the reason behind the abundance of coffee shops around almost every street corner. The word cappuccino is derived from the Capuchin Order of friars in Italy. The colour of this variety of the drink resembles the colour of the robes of the friars. Here are some essentials of the drink obtained from coffee beans.

It is advisable for you to minimize the intake of coffee before going to sleep.  The coffee contains caffeine which is known to increase our adrenalin that will make us difficult to sleep at night.

The Preparation

A cup of cappuccino is basically espresso brewed in a cup mixed with frothy steamed milk. The drink is sometimes garnished with a sprinkling of chocolate at the top. It is vital to brew a perfect cup of espresso to get a satisfying drink of cappuccino.

Brewing Espresso

To prepare espresso, place about 7g of coffee in an espresso machine and force 30 ml of hot water at around 90 degree Centigrade through it. Each cup is made individually and served for a person.

The flavour of the drink depends upon the Commercial coffee machines, the type of the beans and other variables like temperature of the water.

The pump pressure should be around 8 bars.

If the extraction time of the machine is long, you will need to grind the beans coarse. On the other hand an espresso machine with a short extraction time needs finely ground coffee beans.

It is crucial that boiling water should not touch the beans.

Since espresso is a small drink, it is advisable to pre warm your cup to enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

Reheating spoils the aroma, it is advisable to have your drink right away. It is important to use freshly ground coffee beans to make a perfect brew.

You won’t regret when you buy coffee beans online as they have variety of goods to offer.

Commercial cleaning services can help in the maintenance of cleanliness in your shop.

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