What are the signs to look for when the commercial food processor needs to be replaced?

One of the most versatile kitchen equipment that you can find at home and restaurant is the commercial food processor. It can perform different tasks such as chopping, slicing fruits and veggies, and others. These things could be a bit tricky to perform with your bare hands, as there are always possibilities of cutting your hand with knives.

No matter what food you are preparing, you will find a commercial food processor very helpful. But maintaining it is very important. With daily usage, they tend to lose their edge, and you will have to replace them with new ones. Here are some of the signs that tell you to change your food processor.


Blades are an important part of any commercial food processor. The blades usually come in two types: the ones in s-shape which are of stainless steel and the other of plastic. The stainless steel blade is fitted at the bottom of the bowl. This allows for easy chopping, mixing and shredding fruit, vegetables, and meat.

With time, the blades lose their sharpness and become blunt. This results in improper cutting and shredding of fruit and vegetables. The plastic blades, too, may break, as they are quite delicate, compared to that of stainless steel.

Bowls and Slicing Disks

With time and use, these disks lose their functionality, resulting in lousy chopping and slicing of fruit and vegetables. Some of the commercial food processors usually have some extra features that are useful for different purposes. If the disks stop rotating properly, it is time to replace your commercial food processor at home with a new one.

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