What are ski tubes?

Ski Tubes are used for the water sport similar to water skiing. In this ski-tubes are towed by power boats while riders are atop the ski-tubes. The experience is similar to water skiing and more than one rider can enjoy the ride simultaneously. Riders who do not know how to water ski can enjoy the fun of water sport with the help ski tubes. Even young kids can experience ski-tube rides without much risk with their families.

How to use the Ski-tubes?

A ski tube has an inner tube also called bladder, which is made of strong PVC material. The outer cover is made of nylon. Before going for the ride, simply put the PVC inner tube inside the nylon outer cover and inflate it till the inner tube is firm and outer cover is taut.

Now, attached the tube to the towing rope and tie the rope to the hinges of the towing motorboat and hey, you are ready for a ride. The rope is generally made of nylon so that it could float on the water surface.

Wakeboarding is a water sport that is related to waterskiing.

Types of Ski-Tubes

There are various types of ski-tubes available depending on your choice. There are single rider tubes which can be used by one rider at a time. They are affordable, smaller in size and can be handled easily by a good rider.

Multiple-rider tubes are useful when the number of people like to experience the ride simultaneously. They are bulkier and expensive.