Top Web Design Trends of 2018

As the second quarter of the year is nearing its end, it may be time to update your web design with these hot trends for 2018. As you know, your website is the first thing that clients look for to gain more information about your company. Because of this, you should ensure that they find interesting and creative content to help them become more acquainted with your offerings.

If you want to upgrade the look of your website, here are some creative designs you should know about:

  • Engaging Photographic Content

In the past, companies used to take advantage of stock photography. However, this has become very boring and monotonous, especially when you essentially have the same look as with your competitors.

To set yourself apart, try to improve your photography game and feature a diverse group of people. You can highlight strong, powerful women in your company or even feature people of colour. Not only does this help improve your brand, you get to showcase a personal and intimate side of your company.

  • Interactive Content

Customers usually go for more personalised and engaging content. If you want them to get hooked on your website, why not have fun games, polls and quizzes for them to experience? This helps them connect more with your brand and company.

  • Graphic Illustrations and Animations

Animations aren’t just for kids. In fact, with these wonderful additions, users can easily understand abstract ideas and seemingly complicated interfaces. Not only do illustrations convey ideas in a shorter period, it also adds an air of playfulness to your content.

If you want to start small, look for illustrators with a unique visual style. This way, they can illustrate your logo, offerings, products and even backgrounds.

  • Adventurous Colours

There is more emphasis on adventurous colours this 2018. In fact, jewelled tones and vibrant colours are being used in almost all digital platforms. This is a great way to keep up with what’s hot on the market as well as making a bold statement.

If you are interested in upgrading your web design for the year, contact Black Sheep Creative today. They have a team of professionals designs to help you achieve the impact you need.