Installing alarm systems along with surveillance can guarantee more security. The security professionals will keep an eye at your house and reach you immediately, if they find anyone entering your property. In case they cannot reach you quickly, the police will be notified as soon as possible, so you can get major protection.

As installing the alarm systems or smoke detectors cannot be the only resolution to keep the security high, it is better to keep the video recording tracking and surveillance system as well. If you use CCTV then the recordings can be sent to your Smartphone. These are real time videos and in case you are in an important meeting, these videos can be used as a proof of evidence.

You can also make use of a virtual fence where the technology can detect individuals who tries to enter your property and these are connected to CCTV’s which will record all the movements. The text is also sent to your mobile phone from the equipment like an alert. These types of alarm systems are very useful in case you are on a holiday. The neighbors can be notified and you will also have the alert message on your Smartphone.

Fog canon

Along with Alarm monitoring Ipswich, the fog cannon can help in confusing the intruder. It goes off as soon as the intruder tries to enter the property which blinds or confuses the intruder with unlimited amount of fog and he tries to search for an exit.