Useful maintenance tips for commercial ovens

Restaurant owners usually have similar kinds of equipment to help ease the entire cooking, cleaning and food storage process. Among these similar items, one can find a range of items, from cooking ware to commercial fridges and commercial ovens. On the whole, commercial equipment is specifically built to help manage a larger variety of foods and ingredients. This is where they are slightly different from home kitchen equipment.

While most bakery owners and small time restaurant owners will own commercial ovens, not many will be able to or have the time to look after it the right way. Commercial equipment tends to get damaged and to suffer from quicker wear and tear as opposed to home equipment. That is primarily because of the sheer quantity of foods made in it.

Clean it as often as you can

Food spills and stains can not only make the external material look unclean, it can eventually seep into the insides and affect the entire heating system. This is especially true of cases where the oven is not cleaned for days. Over a period of time, the equipment will not only look dirty, it will be harder to remove the stains and also more difficult to clear the internal parts. Accumulated food spills will also create a musty and unhygienic odor thereby giving the impression that you run a dirty kitchen.

It is important to clean it with a towel, kitchen napkin and cleanser once a day at least. Towards the end when you are wrapping up after a hard day’s work it is important to devote some amount of time to cleaning all your equipment. Daytime spills and stains when cleaned regularly will maintain the cleanliness levels of the entire kitchen.