5 most used items as promotional products

Why are they effective?

Promotional products or merchandises can be any kind of item, from something small like a keychain or a bracelet to something bigger like a jacket or a bag, that carries the logo, slogan, or sometimes both the logo and the slogan of a specific company, an event, or a brand. And because these advertisements were made to help initiate a recall, they are most of the time embedded or imprinted on the things that we use in everyday life. Here are the five most used objects as advertising gifts.


Shirts – Shirts have been one of the most effective merchandises simply because everyone wears them. Seriously, who does not wear clothes? It’s a basic necessity. And who does not want a free shirt, right? Most of the time both the logo and the slogan of a company or brand are printed either on the front centre, front right side, or at the back centre of the shirt. And it’s not just shirts right now. Most companies even use jackets, sweaters, and even tank tops.

Mugs and other drink wares – who does not wake up in the morning and drink their coffee, milk, tea, or hot choco? Who does not grab their tumblers, fill it with a hot beverage and go to work? That is why mugs and other drink wares such as tumblers are also very effective items to use as marketing tool. We all need to drink especially in the morning.

Pens – pens though small are also a great item to use as promotional products. We use pens pretty much everywhere. In the house, at school, at work – you need it to sign packages, to write letters, to draw – heck, you even need a pen to write down your date’s number. The fact that they are used almost everywhere is a good reason alone but another reason is because pens have long lives. A good pen can last for months and it can be lent, borrowed, or passed on from one person to another, spreading whatever logo or slogan it may have.

Bags – be it small bags, body bags, backpacks, or carry-ons, bags are often used as promotional products as well. It’s also effective in a sense that we use it all the time, even when it’s just sitting at home and being used as storage units. Most people, however, question the durability of advertised bags. Since mass producing them can cost somewhat expensive, most companies use lesser quality or cheaper materials in making them.

USB drives – yes we have come a long way and technology has become a great part of our lives. That’s why USB flash drives are now becoming a great and practical advertised gift or promotional products to use in this age as flash drives are a new necessity now. Most companies do not give away flash drives with over 2 GB capacities though, as it is also quite expensive to produce.

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