Tips on effectively cleaning your security screen doors

Security screen doors and windows constantly become dirty and require regular cleaning. The dirt is because of stains, people passing by, dirty hands, shoes or other things. As the doors are fixed in one place, it is not very easy to remove stains for cleaning purposes. If the security screens are retractable, they can be cleaned separately. Cleaning these doors and screens is not very tough but requires a few things.

Scrub the door later

While simple detergent removes a majority of the dirt, you should also scrub the door for better results. Once you’re done with cleaning the door with detergent, you can then prepare a new cleaning solution – made up of 1-gallon water and around a half cup of baking or simple soda. Use a scrubber or steel wool to clean the door. This will remove deep stains and black marks too. Once this is done, move to the last step.

Clean the handle

The handle is the most used part of a door. This needs to be cleaned properly to avoid unhygienic conditions. Use a handle cleaner and wipe the handle properly. Once that’s done, wipe off the handle with a paper towel for a dry feel. Security screen doors are used regularly, so clean one side of the door first before proceeding with the other side.

Window Screens

The bottom track, housing, and mesh should be frequently cleaned and lubricated once a year. If you live in an area which sees too much traffic, you will need to do this more often. If your place is more prone to windy weather, it is advisable to store the mesh away on an exceptionally windy day when you have gusts of winds blowing. This will help you avoid damage to the screen.

The main purpose of the screen is to protect against bugs, and in strong windy weather, there is hardly any chance of any bugs or insects coming your way.