Tips on choosing the right colour for your line marking needs

Line markings are an effective way of streamlining movement in different areas of high traffic. These markings are extensively used in roads and highways, sports fields, car parks, large shopping malls and other retail outlets, factories, warehouses and other large public places. Clearly visible line markings in bright colours guide vehicles and people in these areas in the right direction so that there is less confusion. Professional line markers are hired to etch the lines as they have both the knowledge and the resources required to do the job perfectly.

Application of Line Markings

Line markings are extensively used universally to denote specific instructions and directions in multiple areas. You can see such markings almost everywhere; indicating the right direction for movement of vehicles, people, and goods. The markings are also used to indicate the presence of impending danger or to earmark specific areas for the use of the disabled.

Road and Highway Line Marking

Line markings are etched on roads and highways by the authorities so that motorists and pedestrians follow the right flank and direction. This makes the roads safer and more organized. Highly durable paint that does not fade or chip away easily is used and bright colours are selected for easy visibility both during day and night and during inclement weather.

Car Park Line Marking

In car parking lots, line markings are used to indicate parking bays, entry or exit points and specific areas for use by the disabled. Proper line markings are absolutely essential in parking areas in order to avoid accidents.

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