Things to know about dating over 40

In modern times, navigating the dating scene is tricky, like that really complicated jigsaw puzzle we all had when we were kids. It’s even trickier when the last time you dated, The Rolling Stones were on their third tour of Australia and Johnny Farnham had dominated the Australian Pop music scene winning Australia’s King of Pop for five consecutive years. Enough about trivia, it is safe to assume your dating skills are a bit rusty and considering that things have changed a lot from back then, you will need some sort of map to navigate the new dating scene. This article is about over 40’s dating site for people over 40 and will tell you what things have changed since you last shared a tub of Neapolitan ice cream with a significant other.

Firstly, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is everything has changed; and the good news is- Everything has changed! Now let’s talk about those over 40’s dating site rules:

  1. Be yourself.

Yes, you’ve heard this line so many times it is now a cliché; however, the wisdom still holds true. It is very important, especially for dating over the age of 40, that you be yourself. Most men or women in this age group no longer possess the wonder, confusion and curiousity associated with those in their early 20s. They are done “figuring themselves out” and as such, are clear on who they are and who they want to date. They will also expect you to be too.

  1. Be ready and willing to learn the fine art of texting.

This is definitely one of the most important over 40’s dating site rules. Thanks to the innovative minds behind Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, etc, almost nobody makes actual phone calls these days. With a wide array of mobile apps that help people keep in touch, texting has replaced phone calls as the most widely used function of the telephone. Your dates will text you and expect you to text back so you will have to either get with the times or make it clear from the beginning that you do not like texting and would rather call them.

  1. The “Waiting Game” ended when you turned 30.

Various experts subscribe to the “wait three days to call her” rule and the “you don’t want to seem desperate” philosophy. Dating over 40 follows a different set of rules. You and your date are not experiencing the teenage curiousity and at this point, any form of “game playing” is a big turn off. If you want to call her or him, call. If you want to meet up, set up a meeting at a time convenient for both of you and do it. You are both busy and don’t have time to play silly teenage games.

  1. Don’t take things too seriously until you both agree to be exclusive.

You may be more traditional in your views on dating; however, the dating scene, as you knew it, no longer excuses. There is a wide range of dating and relationship dynamics that it is important to remember to just have fun initially and do not assume exclusivity till you are really sure your relationship goals are the same.

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