The different types of drinking water fountains for schools

Water is a vital part of our bodies especially for children being they are still in the developing period and they have a lesser resistance to hazardous elements. There are times when though they are provided with bottled water by their parents, this is not enough to last throughout the entire day. As children as they are, they will rather use their money for other things instead of using it to buy bottled water. So, what happens is they will just suppress their thirst as they have no means to avail one any more or even if they have the money, they just won’t take the effort to buy one if the school canteens are far from their rooms. As a school administrator, it is partly your obligation to see to it that the school environment is equipped with the needed facilities to ensure the health and safety of the children.

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One of the ways to ensure that the children, is always on their best of health is for them to be hydrated all the time. This is a must in fact for every child. So, if you want more enrollees, equip your school with water fountains. They are at the same time a great marketing campaign as seeing you took the time to ensure the health of the children, parents will feel relaxed and contented to entrust their kids to your school. There are different types of drinking water fountains, for your guidance and options, here are some of them:


–    Bottle Fountain -This type of water fountain is designed so that the children can refill their water bottles. These types are either designed like an ordinary water dispenser or designed like an ordinary water fountain only you can’t possibly drink right into it.

–    Soda Fountain – this is only good if you have already a soda fountain in your schools. You only need to add another spout wherein water will be dispensed, you can either hook it up with an existing tap line or you can also make use of filtered water.

–    Refrigerated Fountain – obviously, in this type of water dispenser, it looks just like those drinking fountains you see in the malls, only, cooler waters will be dispensed. This is actually better but of course more expensive. There are some units that have small buttons to press for the water to come out and there are also some with larger buttons. You can also find those types with no buttons at all. The water will automatically come out.

–    Non- refrigerated Fountain – this is the simplest type and cheapest drinking fountain actually. They come with simple features, like a basin, single spout and ordinary button to press. There are somewhere you have to continuously press the button for the water not to stop or press the button and after a while, the water will come out. The problems in this type of drinking fountain are the children just might not drink water at all despite their thirst as only a few children can tolerate lukewarm water.

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