The Building demolition process

A building or a residential property like a house may be marked for demolition for various reasons, the most common being that it has been damaged by fire or storm and needs to be replaced. Or it could be also because it is no longer safe to use. Before you go ahead with the process though, there are necessary steps to be taken and some formalities to be followed. You need to follow each step, like securing permits, choosing the demolition team and others.

Procure a demolition permit

Apply to the local council stating your reasons for demolition, and the process you will choose to do so. The local council will send a representative to assess the site and extent of demolition and give a go ahead if all is in order. Applying for a permit may take time, so plan accordingly and fill in your application before time.

Take consent from relevant authorities

Before you do building demolition, acquire all necessary permits and consents for a building that is registered as or is located in the same area as a historical site, heritage site, is listed in the National Trust, or needs a Town Planning Permit.

Take a permit for foliage removal

If you need to down trees or remove a significant amount of vegetation before demolishing the building, then you would need to inform your local council of the same and ask for a foliage removal permit. You would also need to check if any protection orders have been placed on the vegetation in the area.

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