Taking care of commercial juicers

Once a week you may need to dismantle the commercial juicer so the blades, as well as the sockets, are taken out properly and a long brush is needed for cleaning and removing the debris that is settled at the bottom of the juicer. Once a week proper cleaning is required and small components of the juicer should be cleaned properly. Washing and storing the juicer is necessary to use it for a long time.

Unplug the device

The juicer should be kept at a safe place and must be unplugged from the circuit as well because the electric flow is always there even when the juicer is not in use and this can spoil the equipment. A little care must be taken when the juicer is not in use and the juicer should be wrapped safely and kept at a secured position.

Cut food items properly before juicing

Juicer should not be used empty first of all as it will cause friction between the parts of the juicer causing more wear and tear. Secondly, when you use the juicer, try to cut the fruits and vegetables in small parts so the long strings will not wrap around in the juicer and it will keep the juicer safe. Using fore fibrous items rather than hard food items will also be a suitable option as it will avoid wear and tear in the juicer.


Investing in a good quality commercial juicer is definitely a wise choice as it is very durable. It promises, efficiency and durability. One can use it for a longer time without any damage.