Resistance bands are a common tool used by people who work out regularly. While it may take some time some time and patience to get used to it, on the whole they can prove to be effective tools for overall training.

Keep in mind that you can perform the same or similar exercises that you would with free weights while using bands. You can also choose to be innovative and use other objects to increase the tension. For instance, tying one end to a closed door and then using the other end to exercise will help you tone your body and improve muscle strength.

In reality, the number of exercises that can be performed with the help of bands is limitless. If you learn the basics of using resistance bands, you can easily accommodate more exercise styles into your daily routine.

Benefits of using bands

Bands add more variety to your weight training and daily workout regime. Furthermore, you won’t tire as easily with bands as you do with weights.

They are light to carry thereby giving you the option of carrying them on your work trips too. They are economically priced and do not get damaged very easily. Although with constant use you may need to replace them once every few years.

Another way of working your shoulders and abs is by holding a ball above your head and rotating your arms anticlockwise. Draw imaginary circles in front of your body.

All in all, a medicine ball is an exercise equipment that is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and sizes. It is economical and it is fun!

It is advisable to look for a treadmill because by having one in your home gym, you can workout anytime you want.

The sudden withdrawal of taking workout supplements like a protein powder,  may result to a disruption of calorie intake.