Dustproof and waterproof LED lamps are just what you need for lighting up the exterior of your off road caravans. Some of the lamps can be attached with the help of Velcro strips while others use magnet. Some have flexible stalk so that you can turn the lamp the way you want to. Others have clip-on covers for protection against dust and the weather.

Cool Accessories for the Interior

The interiors too should have the right accessories so that you can feel at home irrespective of outside conditions. Check out

A Fully Equipped Kitchen

The kitchen should have all the accessories that make cooking a real pleasure. You must install a microwave oven, a wok burner and a cook top along with a hooded barbeque. Flexible cabinets with tray inserts will help you to maximize space and enhance convenience.

Wall Bracket mounted Washing Machine

A hand operated, compact and portable washing machine will certainly ease your laundry woes. The machine requires very little water although it is capable of washing up to 2.5kg at a time.

Air Conditioner

A rooftop mounted or split air conditioner is a necessity when you travel through different temperature zones. Such a system is capable of both heating and cooling and is extremely energy efficient.

Extendable Bedroom

This is another cool accessory that is just perfect for increasing living space. The bedroom can be erected in seconds on the side of the vehicle and can comfortably accommodate two to three people. It has meshed windows for maximum air flow and insect protection.

Solar Panels

Of course you cannot do without electricity and that is why solar panels are an absolute must. The panels are mounted on the roof of your caravan and makes optimum use of the abundant sunlight to provide you electricity round the clock.