How to Look for a Private Golf Course

Playing golf impacts your body in a positive way. It reduces stress, promotes healthy weight loss and increases mental alertness levels.

Are you new to the sport and planning to sign up for a membership at your local country club? If yes, you may want to read on. A private golf course will kindle your interest in this recreational game sooner than you’ll realise.

Getting to play in a serene, calm location will boost your mood and excitement to play. Here is how you can find the best course for you:

Best Private Golf Course

Read about the club’s membership from top to bottom.

You must know by now that golf not an easy sport to learn. But once you’ve learned it, it’s very enjoyable. After signing up for their members’ only amenities, enquire about which course is suitable for your skill and preference. An exclusive membership will let you have access to these courses. If you decide to pay for a full exclusive membership, be sure to read it back to back. It is much different from the standard one, where you won’t have access to their country restaurant, gym, tennis courts, pool and other amenities.

Join their coaching sessions.

Since you’re new to the sport, enquire about the coaching sessions that they have. Individual Coaching, Day Workshops and Clinics are some of the sessions you can engage in. Professional players and coaches will teach you how to get started. You don’t need to worry about making a mistake. It’s what they’re here for.

During lessons, you are advised to wear the right attire. For men, polo shirts, shorts, cap and closed shoes are recommended. For women, no denim shorts, hoodies and slippers are allowed. The playing equipment will be provided for by the club as included in your membership. So, wear your comfortable golfing attire and start golfing right away.

Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club has two stunning private golf course locations – The Pines and The Palms – to anyone who wishes to enjoy the sport. To know more regarding their membership, golfing sessions and what they have to offer, you may visit their website here.