Line markings can prevent accidents

As you have probably noticed, the world is full of different warnings. These warnings are either initiated by the government or by private entities. They are incorporated to promote safety and order to the areas that are the object of the warnings. Check out for example if you are going on a long drive. Along the way, you will surely pass a number of erected warning signs so that you will know in advance what type of roads you will pass. You will also be warned if the place you are about to pass is an accident prone area. This way, you will be more careful. Yes, and this is just one of the many warnings you will see on the street.

If you are updated with the events in our world, you have surely noticed that the most fatal accidents happened on the road and by drivers. This is why, there are endless signs incorporated for drivers and pedestrians alike. This is to at least minimize these daily accidents that are sometimes, even the cause of deaths of the victims. Another form of warning sign for drivers and pedestrians is the line markings. For sure you already noticed them as they are everywhere.

Functions of line markings:

  • Longitudinal markings are painted along the direction of traffic on the roadway surface. This is to guide motorists their proper position on the road. This is to separate traffic flow for those who are going in the same direction
  • Center lines are used to separate the opposing streams of traffic and to facilitate their movements. Center lines are not that needed in roads with less than 5 meters width though and also for those roads with more than 4 lanes.
  • No passing zones are placed on summit curves, horizontal curves, and also on two lane and three lane highways. This is where overtaking maneuvers are prohibited because doing so might cause accidents.
  • Warning lines, just as the term implies, warn the drivers if there are obstructions ahead.
  • Edge lines are lines that indicate edges of rural roads that are without curbs to specify the limits up to which the driver can only venture for safety purposes.
  • Stop line are incorporated to indicate the position beyond which the vehicles must not proceed when required stopping. This is done through control devices like signals or also by traffic police.
  • Pedestrian crossing lines are incorporated at areas where the conflict between vehicular and pedestrian traffic is quite risky. This should be in areas where the pedestrians will not be that inconvenienced and at the same time, the motorists will not be that burdened as well.

These are just some of the functions of line markings you see, being established on the roadways. As you can see, their functions are really important and most of the time, safety is the bottom line. For this reason, line markings should only be done by professional line markers from Adelaide.