Liabilities of a tenant

The condition of the property when you had first shifted into it must be maintained by you (as a tenant) in such a way that there is no material damage to the same during your tenure. The usual system is that the landlord takes care of large issues like electricity line repair and plumbing issue while minor glitches like fused light bulbs are taken care of by the tenant.

In case you think that there is an irresolvable dispute between you and your landlord you can ask property agents to coordinate and sort out stuff.

Recheck the Contract

Once you have a checklist of items that your real estate agent has mentioned as ‘fixtures’, compare it with the items mentioned in this category in your sale contract. In case you spot a discrepancy, take it up immediately with your agent and get it corrected before signing the contract

Tenancy agreement norms

A tenancy agreement should be drawn you between your tenant and you in the event of your renting out the apartment. The agreement should specify all the particulars regarding the amount or rent and the period of the tenancy. Terms and conditions specified in the tenancy agreement will be held as absolute and in the event of any dispute, these terms will be considered as final and binding.

You have the legal responsibility of creating, completing and signing the tenancy document afresh at the beginning of each new tenancy. Make sure that you provide a copy of the “new tenant checklist” to your tenants before they read and sign the tenancy document. Melbourne mortgages have a good grasp on legal requirements of the tenancy agreement and it’s advisable to consult one when you think of acting in the capacity of a landlord.