Latest Home Extensions and Renovation Trends for 2018

This 2018, you’ll see more people wanting to maximise their available space. So, rather than moving and buying another house, homeowners are looking to improve their original home. If you are one of these people, you’ll love these latest and hottest home extensions and renovation trends this year:

Home Extensions


Home Extensions

In the past, there has been a strong focus on the Scandinavian and minimalist interior. However, this 2018, it’s predicted that most designs and interior decorating styles will shift towards maximalism and 80’s fixtures. This can be seen through vibrant pops of colour, using striking geometric patterns and rich textures. If you want to try out this trend but quite hesitant to commit, try using wallpapers and having an accent wall in your living area. Partnered with unique objects, your home can become a treasure trove of all things hip and groovy.

Retro-Industrial Styles

Industrial design meets retro aesthetic are all the rage these days. Whilst the love for all things industrial never went away, people are looking to spice up their interiors. Using different metals and mixing varied colour tones, this modern look has people all over the world swooning. To recreate this look, consider having exposed beams and structures and mixing these with some coloured tones.

Orangeries and Loggia

Homeowners looking to extend and expand their homes will continue to go for orangeries styles. Taking inspiration from a conservatory, this look boasts of a more solid roof and a more stable foundation. Likewise, a loggia design will also begin to attract more homeowners for the open and sophisticated feel it brings.

Glazed Openings

Lantern roofs and skylights are the best additions to any home. Aside from letting natural light in, it can elevate an otherwise flat roof. Not only will this give your property more height, this will also give you more space to use.

To help you with your home extensions and renovation needs, give Berens Construction a call today. They provide custom designs fit for enhancing your space.