Kinds of printing for your marketing materials

Printing has continuously evolved starting from the time when it was invented. There are various ways that you can consider when thinking to print your marketing materials, you ought to know first the type of printing for you to choose from.

Know the method of letterpress

The Letterpress is a technologically advanced version of printing. The basic process remains the same as offset lithography as the image is still transferred on the rubber plate and then on the paper. The difference here is that the printed image is embedded at a height on the plate surface. Even this process has been replaced with other technologically advanced forms of offset printing. Discover the advantage of Offset printers Sydney here.

Experiment with digital prints

If you are insistent on obtaining high picture quality then digital printing is the correct option for you. In offset printing and the letterpress method, there is a chance that the letters might get blurry. In digital printing the speed is high and there is zero chance of image blurring. Very less manpower is required as the computer directly transfers the print to the printer. There is no requirement of plates but the overall cost of digital printing is much higher than the traditional printing methods. This is because of the expensive colours and inks used by the printer.

Try out electrostatic printing

Electrostatic printing is a unique process because it does not require ink or plates for its fulfillment. The paper is simply coated with Zinc oxide which acts as a type of insulator working in the dark. Once it’s exposed to the light it gets converted to a conductor. Geography maps which require intricate detailing are printed by using electrostatic printing.

Whether you want to try offset printing service or electrostatic printing it pays to be aware of the pros and cons.

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