Australia has a vibrant Working Holiday Maker programmed to help young travelers from across the world earn some money while enjoying an extended holiday at this beautiful island nation. There are scores of short-term employment opportunities in diverse sectors that offer you a decent pay or free accommodation and meals in lieu of certain hours of employment. So depending on the job you take up, you can either stay at your employer’s place or at a working hostel in Australia.

Declaring your Tax File Number

Every time you start working under a new contract, your employer will provide you with an Employment Declaration Form. You must fill in your TFN and provide other details that will be used by your employer to calculate the amount of tax that will be deducted from your pay. This is because in Australia employers are required to deduct taxes from the pay and hand over the same to the ATO on your behalf.

Once you leave this nation or at the end of that particular financial year, you may be eligible for tax refund depending on the final calculations. In case you do not provide your TFN on time, your employer will calculate your tax based on the highest bracket and deduct it from your pay. Once you fill in the Employment Declaration Form with all details, your employer is legally obliged to send it to the ATO within twenty eight days of you commencing work.

However, if you are employed under a voluntary scheme, you are not required to submit your TFN declaration form.

It is also good to suggest to your employers to have a CCTV camera to avoid any intruders.

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