Frozen margarita party

Throwing a massive summer bash for all your friends and colleagues is a fantastic way to bring people together to enjoy good company, cold drinks and warm weather. Putting together an event where you expect dozens or even hundreds of people is, however, overwhelming. What will you serve for food? What will you serve for drinks? What, if any, will be their entertainment? Well if I may help to guide you in your options regarding drink selection, consider having a frozen margarita party.

Before you get too deep in this thought on your own don’t worry because I am not talking about one person slaving over a blender and a line of people waiting in anger for a nice frozen beverage, no, think slushy machine hire.

This is a service that is growing wildly in popularity and so they are really easy to find. For one flavor your slushy machine hire will cost you on average about $150 and for an assortment on average $300. Now, the prices do range quite a bit from company to company but this is a good median price. At these prices, for a big summer bash, slushy machine hire is a fantastic option for almost any budget. With some companies these prices will even get you straws, paper umbrellas and salt for the rims so everyone can feel like they are enjoying themselves on a fancy resort.

Businesses that rent out slushy machines offer their services in many ways. They don’t just say you can pick up the machine and take it to your home to set up. The prices they quote are generally all inclusive with such things as delivery, set up and pick up. So all you have to do is make the call.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Where am i going to store all of that ice for the machine?” Well, I am here to erase that thought and ease your mind. One of the greatest aspects to slushy machine hire is that the machines do not even require ice. Isn’t that great? If you ever had a decent ice cream maker as a kid or ever used one, you know that the ingredients don’t list ice because the machine does the freezing. Slushy machines are the same concept.

Host the party that everyone talks about for a while to come. Look into slushy machine hire Sydney for your next big event and you will probably be making an annual get together that everyone you know can look forward to year after year.