Everything you need to know about skip bin hire

Waste disposal. Garbage bins. Rubbish containers. These are the words you may associate with the term skip hire. It is a convenient and cost-effective method of proper waste removal. But, it is not as simple as hiring the skip hire service to get rid of something. There are limitations, sizes, and permits to think of.

First, let us talk about the sizes of the skips or the container bins. Skips come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the occasion you need it for. Consider the amount of waste you need collected and then choose from the many sizes available.

• Mini skips that span 2 to 3 yards and midi skips ranging 4 to 5 yards are recommended for household use. These are for those who seek to renovate or improve their homes, like clearing the garden, refitting the kitchen and so on. Because of their small sizes, these are the most affordable skips you can hire.
• Maxi skips are comparatively larger, with 6 to 18 yards. These are best suited for clients seeking skip hire for quite a large amount of waste.
• Industries or factories can hire skips that are way larger, around 20 to 40 yards.

Did you know that you can also request a lockable skip? Yes, you can. Why do it though? If you leave your skip unattended in a public area, other people may place in additional rubbish. Indeed you may be paying more for a lockable skip but at least, you can have peace of mind.

So, what can you place inside a skip? Believe it or not, there are items that are prohibited from being thrown into a skip. Items that are allowed include furniture, cardboard, metal, plastic, wood, rubble, domestic waste and organic waste. Meanwhile, prohibited items include fluorescent bulbs, medical wastes, chemicals, solvents, and hazardous waste. For safety reasons, these items should not be thrown merely into skips.

Next, consider the limitations of skip hires. Take note of the waste disposal requirements. There are only specific locations where you can use a skip. Also, as mentioned earlier, not everything can be thrown in skips. What’s more, the area where the skip will be delivered must be accessible to large trucks. How else are the bins going to be delivered? If your area is teeming with low ceiling tunnels and small streets, you may find a difficult time looking for the right skip bin service.

Finally, ensure that you get the best deal on hiring a skip bin service. Yes, services for hiring skips can save you a lot of money, but only if you do it properly. For instance, if you are disposing of unwanted furniture, take some and donate it to charity. By doing so, you can reduce the skip size that you are going to hire.

With this information in mind and getting Brisbane skip bins service, you are now ready to make your first skip hire.