Who wants energy healing from divine intervention?

Who would want to get healed completely? Who wants it without any operation, medicines, medicinal herbs or chemical. Who wants to heal from Divine intervention?

This could be a bit hard to understand, not that easy to believe, it is not because people believe with Divine intervention less but they are more believers in scientific studies and medications. This could not be a good topic for people to debate, this is more of acceptance. Accepting that people have different preferences and believe and respect what would they think could best help them healed.

Spiritual Energy Healing could not be a topic to discuss for some but actually, it is for others. Healers who are using this method treat the help of healing they provide a devotion and not a profession. They set aside themselves, surrender themselves as they accept the Divine intervention completely not for their needs for others.

What they have as they accept the Divine intervention is just the energy coming from Him nothing else, she will then transfer it wholeheartedly to the person in need and will not leave any energy coming from the Divine intervention. Healers are being used as mediums to perform the duty for the welfare of someone else.

He or She will then transfer the energy to the patient who needs a cure to remove all bad elements that the patient currently carries. The transfer could be done by physical contact or touch or by prayer. There are some healers who were born and called to be real healers. Their energy will simultaneously transfer to the patient by just touching them. This will actually make them a bit weak as the energy they transfer is theirs unlike when they receive the divine intervention, the energy they are transferring is not theirs.

Is Spiritual healing really could give cure?

It will all depend on the patient. This is a matter of choosing whether she or he believes that they will get healed or not. The healer should completely accept the Divine grace and believes that as she or he transfers the energy to a patient, the patient will get better and all those bad elements will go out of the patient’s body.

You will get healed if you believe, you will get better if you accepted the healing and you know that you will get better and all bad elements will release you as you accept the divine grace. Spiritual Energy Healing effectiveness will all depend if you believe.

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