Different types of effective carpet cleaning

Carpets need to be extensively cleaned at least twice a year! I say need because this is not supposed to be optional but a must if you want your children or entire family for that matter to be always in a clean and safe environment. Carpets are the most favorite spots of microscopic bacteria because of how they are structured thus, even if you don’t really see them crawling on your carpets, you cannot really claim they are not there. If your carpets are unturned for almost a year now, then trust that they are there and they can generate serious illnesses like asthma and many others. If you have an infant in the house the more that you need to make sure your carpets are clean for infants just love to crawl on them and to think that infants have a lower immune system!

So, for more information about your options in carpet cleaning, here are some of the most effective carpet cleaning methods:

  • First is the carper shampooing method. I this method, the carpet cleaner will incur a lot of foam to the carpet and leave it there for the whole day so that the residue will attract all the soil and dirt particles present in the carpet. On the next day, this is then the time for them to vacuum up the accumulated residue along with the attracted pollution.


  • Then there is also the most popular dry cleaning method. I this method, little water is used with detergent and a solvent. This procedure is done with a machine. The reason why this is commonly used is that of the fact that there is almost no downtime for the carpets. Only, the common drawback here is some powder might be found visible in shoes and hems of pants. When this happens, it only means that either too much powder is used or the carpet was not properly vacuumed.


  • And you can also choose the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method wherein hot water and cleaning agent will be injected into the carpet. After that, it will be vacuumed by either a portable device or a truck mounted one. According to the experts, the truck-mounted procedure of vacuuming is actually more effective because it is equipped with superior vacuuming strength. As a matter of fact, it is said to extract for about 95% of the of the injected solution to the carpets.

There are still other carpet cleaning methods that are equally effective and you can learn about them online. The point here is your carpets must be professionally cleaned as it would be the only way to ensure they are really extensively cleaned. Vacuuming regularly is only fine to be done weekly and for superficial dirt. But when it comes to extensive carpet cleaning, you should already hire a professional carpet cleaning Adelaide. They are the only ones who can properly do the carpet cleaning procedures mentioned above as they have the right equipment, they have the skills and of course the knowledge.