Dating concerns for seniors and how to address them

In addition to a less active lifestyle, there are many areas of concern for seniors who are thinking about getting back into the dating scene. These issues may range from lack of dating sense due to many years in ‘captivity’, how to have sex again as a senior or other serious ones such as family dynamics, social security, and finances.

For concerns regarding a lack of dating sense, there is really no other tip but to just be who you truly are and to find a person that really complements your interests, likes, dislikes and your overall personality. There is no need to seek advice from relationship gurus that claim to teach you ‘seduction techniques’. Ways you can find the right person may include methods such as using dating sites for 40 and above, or via existing offline social networks such as colleagues, family, friends and clubs. It would also greatly help if you try to be more sociable and attend more social gatherings.

Another senior dating concern is regarding having sex again as a senior. It is important to set expectations with your new partner beforehand. Most seniors may have issues regarding a significant reduction in sex drive and this is something that must be discussed with your partner. Be honest and don’t overestimate your capacity to avoid misunderstandings or even injuries. Men may usually require additional stimulation to achieve sufficient sexual satisfaction and women may need to use lubricants. For health issues such as arthritis, bladder leakages or erectile dysfunction, it is advised to consult a physician. Also, to lessen the risk of sexually-transmitted infections, use protection.

For concerns regarding family dynamics, it is important to be open. If you are back in the dating scene, keep your family in the loop to avoid misunderstandings and frustrations. Grown children, in particular, have a tendency to resist new additions to the family. This may significantly put a strain in the family dynamics. It is therefore advised to consult your family regarding their feelings and ease them into the new family dynamic slowly and gently. Let your family and your new partner interact by going to family outings and getaways. Shared experiences are the most effective way to establish a bond between people. If there is a particularly strong resistance against your new relationship from the family, just remember that you are an adult with more developed feelings than they have. Your happiness is of utmost importance.

For concerns regarding finances and social security, it is important to set rules and expectations with your new partner beforehand. Some seniors are being taken advantage of. Gather information about your prospective partner’s financial situation and assess whether you are only being taken advantage of in terms of finances. Before fully going on ahead with senior dating, take note of possible limitations in your finances. For example, widows receiving a pension from deceased partners may be bound by rules such as dating restrictions. It is advised to ask your provider about the rules in your current financial setup. Social security is of utmost importance, especially for seniors.