Creative ways to lay out your dining table for a formal party

Formal party doesn’t always need to be boring. There are many ways in which you can add a touch of imagination in the laying out of your formal dining table, and we are about to tell you how. So take out your best Maxwell and Williams dining pieces, and get ready to set the table for a night of fine dining!

Creative cards for assigned seats

When you assign seats for your guests, make sure to keep old timers in the mix with new people so that the newcomers do not feel left out and have a chance to mingle and make friends. After choosing seats for everyone, you need to assign seats and put down cards with the guest’s names on it. These cards can be handmade and be designed as per the theme of the party. They can also be designed as keepsakes that can be taken home. And why just cards, you can place small bouquets, or even gifts bearing the names of the guests as place holders. The more creative you are, the better impression your guests will have of you and your hosting capacity.

Lay out the best crockery your mom gifted you

Decorate the dinner table with the finest cutlery you have. The china can be a point of conversation as well, and if it is the priceless pieces that have been in custody of the family for years, you know you have a good story to entertain your guests with. Make sure your silverware or the china comes from trusted companies Maxwell and Williams. These home wares are one of the best!