Could you be entitled to make a claim for industrial deafness?

If you’ve ever worked in a very noisy environment – a construction site, or as concert venue security staff, for example – and your hearing is not as good as it used to be, then maybe you can file a claim for industrial deafness. Every year thousands of people make successful claims against their employers negligent practices when sending them out to work on sites with high noise levels and the amount of compensation paid out can be quite substantial.

Exactly what your claim for industrial deafness is worth is obviously a matter for legal debate and will depend on many factors. These will include (but are not limited to) claimant’s culpability, the severity of conditions, whether hearing loss and/or symptoms are constantly present, or temporary and how much pain and suffering is being endured as a result of the condition. However, a potential claimant with even the slightest symptoms should not be put off as even less significant ailments can result in large payouts for successful cases. Whilst it is important to remember that compensation amounts can vary dramatically, legal precedent dictates a large portion of the cases with claimants usually receiving several thousand dollars for partial loss of hearing and tinnitus to well over $100,000 for the most extreme cases.

Luckily, for sufferers, a non-profit organization called ‘Industrial Deafness Australia’ has been set up to help people unsure about their eligibility to make a claim for industrial deafness or the appropriate approach to making it. Along with all the necessary legal advice to get your case started, they also provide free hearing tests to ensure that the exact level of compensation due is in fact rewarded.

You might have presumed those words you always miss at the end of your wife’s sentences or the gradually increasing television volume over the years was just apart of getting old. The ringing in your ears might have been present for so long that you have now got used to it and think it’s not worth seeking help over. You might think that the lack of hearing you suffer from after you did that quick job for the boss without your ear-guards was your own fault and so you should just live with the consequences. Whatever the reasons behind your inactivity about the issue don’t matter, what does matter is that you receive compensation for the discomfort you are now suffering due to occupational noise. So what are you waiting for? If any of this rings true for you, then get started making your claim for industrial deafness today.