Common types of restaurant refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators are great for your business if you own a restaurant, eatery, café or a kitchen. You can store raw food, vegetables, frozen meat products, fruit pulp, juices, beverages and cooked food. In any commercial food business, you will need to serve your customers’ dishes that comprise one or more ingredients. However, did you know that there are several kinds of restaurant refrigerators system that you can choose from?

Reach in refrigerators

Reach in refrigerators may be a single door or double door. These fridges are usually top mounted and the door has a lock which can auto close. The door also has a stay open feature at an angle of 120 degrees. The door is reversible and usually comes right hinged. There are digital thermostats which are attached at the exterior and there are inbuilt lights which switch on when you open the fridge door. The interior layer of the fridge is made up of the white coloured aluminum liner while the exterior layer is made of stainless steel. The single door refrigerator has about three shelves in each door. Usually, all good manufacturers offer a warranty on parts and the compressor. You can take the decision of buying a single door or double door refrigerator depending on your food storage needs and space in your kitchen.

You have to know how to extract maximum space out of your kitchen if the floor area is not very large. Under-counter restaurant refrigerators can be placed in unused spaces like under the kitchen counter, under the sink or in odd corners. You can conveniently reach in your hand and pull out specific food items.

For any electrical problem you may encounter, hiring the best electricians will be the best option to prevent any more damage.