Commercial refrigerators – ingredients you need to store

Often restaurants have to deep freeze fries, vegetables, meat, fruits etc to protecting them from spoiling as well as have a stock of them as and when required. As a huge lot of ingredients need to be stored, the Commercial Refrigeration has to have ample space and the proper temperature to maintain the quality of the ingredient. Freezing the needed items like sea food is always good, when it is a prominent dish on your menu and when you feel that your food supplier may delay your order.

Fresh deliveries

Restaurants which receive fresh fruits, vegetables or meat on a weekly basis also need refrigerators to keep the stock fresh and unspoilt. Based on the quantity of the ingredients, the restaurant owner can select the refrigerator. When these fresh berries and fruits are placed in a tight sealed container and placed in the refrigerator it tends to remain fresh for a longer time. Also one should avoid keeping the fresh items near to the fan to prevent damage.

To store fish

Commercial refrigerators, consist of drawers or compartments which are really good to store in fresh fish, which has to be used later. As these refrigeration are specially designed to hold meat or poultry, until they can be grilled or cooked, it is always convenient to use and benefits the restaurant. Cool Room Equipments

Store syrups in bottles

Syrups like maple syrups or chocolate syrups once opened, has to be stored in the side trays of the refrigerator in a tightly sealed bottle, preferably glass to lessen the chances of yeast, or bacteria forming on the surface. This way you can use it for up to six months, without worrying about health problems.