Circumstances when a father can have full custody of children

Ever since divorce laws were laid down, family lowers and family courts have always favored the mother as far as custody of the child is concerned. However, times have changed. These days, fathers are being given equal status as caregivers for dependent children. If a father wants to obtain full custody of his child, he can do so if it is in the child’s best interests. There are certain circumstances under which family courts will favour the father in custody cases.

Mother is Unfit

If the mother is deemed incapable of caring for her child, the father can get full custody of the child. A mother would be deemed unfit for custody if:

  • She uses drugs
  • She consumes alcohol excessively
  • She is mentally unstable
  • She has a history of violence
  • She has a criminal record
  • It can be proved that her lifestyle is not conducive to the upbringing of a child

The Father becomes aware of the danger to the child

If the father becomes aware of an imminent danger to the child due to the mother’s lifestyle or habits, he can consult family provision lawyers and claim full custody of the child. This custody may be either permanent or temporary depending on the circumstances.

If the Mother is Involved

If the mother is or becomes involved in another relationship as a result of which she is unable to properly care for the child or there is a physical or emotional threat to the child, the father can be granted full custody of the child in order to protect the child.

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