Choosing high temperature or low temperature dishwashers

You could buy a high-temperature dishwasher or a low-temperature dishwasher. The difference is in the science. Both the dishwashers do their job pretty well and hence once you know what it is that they do to your dishes, it will only remain a matter of your discretion.

High-temperature dishwashers use lesser water and can wash number of dishes per hour. When buying a commercial dishwasher for a restaurant the number of dishes washed per hour directly affects the speed at which patrons are served.

It is to be noted that high-temperature dishwashers are expensive and the booster that they use may have to be purchased separately. Thus the initial cost is high. If you use the commercial dishwashers regularly you may see the return on investment in a year’s time or earlier.

Health Concerns

Due to the heat that high-temperature dishwashers use, they do not require any chemical intervention in the process of washing dishes, unlike their low-temperature counterparts. Too much of chemical starts showing its effects on the dishes. Your glassware will get etched and your customers may smell something funny in your plates. If you use too fewer chemicals then you will have unclean dishes.


One pass is enough for the high-temperature dishwasher to get rid of the toughest greases and oils which stick to your cutlery. This will help in catering to more number of customers faster. Low-temperature dishwashers need to be rewashed thus slowing down the process.