If you notice that fewer people are visiting your exhibition stall as compared to other stalls, it may be due to the kind of exhibition displays you have put up. At crowded marketing oriented shows and similar places, by simply participating you will not achieve your goals. It is also important to design a good, attractive and attention seeking trade show display. Exhibition displays play a vital role in making customers come to your stall to find out more about the product or service you offer.

Sometimes, lack of footfalls could be attributed to other factors like poor marketing qualities of the trade show staff too. However, when you notice that you have fewer visitors than the other participants, try to first evaluate your stall features before anything else.

No Interest

Many times, the staff at the stall will stand at the entry point and urge customers to visit the stall. If passing customers show no interest, you can either blame your staff for a shoddy job or the display itself.

Use colourful features, bold lettering and interesting images to generate an interest. Once customers are happy with the display, they will automatically throng the stall to see what your product is all about.

Try using promotional pens aside from exhibition displays.

Brand Launching

Once you have defined your brand, it is time to get the word out by advertising in full force. The very first thing to do is to create an attractive logo and place it everywhere and every time you use a visual distributive channel. Advertise it so much that your customers can recognize it anywhere, anytime. And whenever you are talking about your brand, use the same color scheme for logo and templates.

Make sure every one of your employees know your brand’s key messages and motto. And those messages should reach your customers in a subtle way. This includes in every aspect of your business – how you answer your customers’ queries through phone and e-mails, what your employees wear and how they communicate with your customers. Also, develop a meaningful tagline that reflects your brand’s personality. It should be concise and easy to remember.

Finally, always be true to your brand. Never deviate from your brand definition and the promises you have given to your customers.