Buying cutlery polishers for your commercial kitchen

The cutlery polishers are equipment which will allow you to save lots of time. Because of the automated processes like cleaning, washing, and drying which are configured inside commercial glasswashers, the cleaning process actually happens much faster. The average hourly output of the cutlery washer and polisher is up to 8000 pieces. Obviously more expensive models will have this output. Whatever model you decide to purchase you will obviously save time.

Avoid cutlery jams

When you manually wash dishes the angles of some cutlery pieces tend to lock into each other and cause huge complicated messes. This type of situation is called a cutlery jam and it tends to end up in breakage or damage to a few cutlery items. There are some cutlery carousels which are rounded while others are coated with stainless steel. Since the processing in commercial glasswashers is fully automated, there are no clumsy situations as all items are sorted out and delivered on racks.

Sterilising cutlery

Most cutlery cleaners will have UVC ray germicide lamps sterilizing lamps which can sanitise all pieces of cutlery in your kitchen. Hygiene is of utmost importance in the cutlery business as you don’t want people to fall sick after eating food in the unsterilized plates. Most cutlery polishers will also act as plate warmers so that your diners can have their food served in warm and fresh plates. Most cutlery polishers will have an automatically controlled cycle which stops after all the polishing is over.