Branding and logos declassified

With thousands of different ideas on various ad campaigns and marketing strategies, the field of marketing in Australia has become very diverse and dynamic. But while many businesses are aware of the principles of this profession, many are still confused on the differences between different marketing terms, specifically branding and business logo design. Here are basically the differences between the two confusing terminologies.

According to many marketing experts, a company’s brand is the definite global image of the company and its products, whereas its logos are distinctive marks and signs that identify and create awareness in people about the brands of companies.

These two concepts should work hand in hand to make the company’s stick in the minds of its customers and stakeholders. As such, marketers and designers should be keen on how to convey their client’s branding to the logo. To make your branding and logo successful see to it that the graphic design and marketing agencies should maintain the following:

Consistent colour – The colour the designer use in your logo should be seen in other parts of your marketing design. Moreover, the colours that designers use must be confined to a set of relative hues known as colour scheme. Expert graphic artists know the psychological effects of colours and its related product and services of your company. You should always remind your artist that your company’s branding and logo then should represent the vision, mission, and goals of your business.

Consistent typography – The fonts you use in your text also provides identity to your company. Experts suggest designers limit their fonts to two as using more than these can be an eyesore to readers.

Consistent tone in copies – The tone of your copy reveals the personality that you want your company to be identified with. This depends on your target market and their culture. You don’t use business terms when addressing teens nor you use teen lingo when speaking to accomplished businessmen. Whenever possible, avoid jargons.

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