Fishing expeditions can keep your stomach full for the next two months if you eat the caught fishes every day. However, if the fishes are not covered properly, then they will turn stale and become unfit for consumption.

If not stored properly in big containers, the fishes will become spoilt rapidly turning all your efforts into a waste. You will be forced to throw your catch into the water once the stench of the stale fishes becomes unbearable.

If the storage container is damaged, then replace it before sailing. Keep enough ice in the storage containers so that the fishes caught do not decay for the next two to three days. If you have hired a fishing charter, then you can install a refrigerator to store the caught fishes.

Follow the rules

If you do not want to be caught for illegal fishing at international maritime boundaries, always ensure you follow the boating rules.

In addition, ensure that none of the members are standing at the front of the fishing charter while sailing as a sudden turn can throw them into the water.

Use right safety equipment

Always have a coast guard recognized life jacket for all the members on board. While fishing, ensure that the members wear a life jacket to reduce the risk of drowning.

You also need to have operable boat lights, so that you can sail during the night time as well as fish. The boat lights do the job of throwing light around the boat on the water. This will ensure that you do not hit into any other boat while sailing in the night.