Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Starting from small to large scale organizations, every company relies on product promotion for increasing their annual sales revenue. Apart from the traditional promotion being made through leaflets and newspaper ads; online marketing is now taking over the trend. If you are part of an online marketing team, then definitely you have frequently used SEO (search engine optimization) tool for developing your company’s content for online product promotion. It is the tool that has inevitably been used frequently by in-house and outsourcing team to direct maximum traffic at your site. So what are the basics of SEO and how to become a pro at it?

What is search engine optimization?

It is a tool that guarantees that your page would be ranked higher in the search results of popular search engines every time somebody makes a web search using a specific set of keywords. Now it might sound easy in theory but in practice, it is very hard to achieve. Most businesses realize that SEO is the ultimate tool to become Google optimized hence it becomes difficult to survive in this increased competition. However, if you are aware of some basic features of search engine optimization then your process becomes much easier.

What to do?

Using specific SEO keyword phrases increases your chances that your site would be ranked higher in the search engine results. If the visitor’s query on the specific keywords is a perfect match to your keywords on the website content then the chances that you will be upgraded higher in the search results output will be extremely high. The in-house and outsourced creative team of experts work round the clock on finding the ultimate set of keywords that are in perfect synchronization with their company’s product features.

Secondly, you have to realize that Google’s algorithm works with only text keywords hence if you are using images or videos or Flash files, they should be supported by HTML text format. Having your major content in image or video format will definitely affect your output on search engines results. Hence it is best to ensure that your video/ image contents are supported by text description with specific keyword phrases.

What not to do?

However, using overstuffed keyword phrases will rather ruin your chances. Google can easily identify such attempts and consider them as spam. The chances are that you might be banned by Google for a few years if you have unethically tried using specific keywords to manipulate their search results.

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