Business cards are like mini brochure of your company, which provide a brief description of your business. They can help you a lot in building professional relationship with your potential clients. On making a business card, you should keep in mind the following.


There are some points you should keep in your mind while making business cards.

Unique and Impressive

Business card is just like the face of your company. It should contain your logo, a brief introduction about your products and services, with clear graphics. The font used in the cards should neither be too big or too small. You can match the font with the color of your logo, or keep it black and white with light background. Experienced the excellent service of Commercial Printing Sydney here.

Correct Information

Your cards should contain your present contact number and address. If due to some reason, you have to change your mobile number or address, get new cards published and circulate them only among your clients.


There are certain points which can turn your creative business cards into utter disaster. Let’s have a look at them.

Avoid Personal Emails

Avoid inserting your personal email Ids such as, Gmail, Yahoo Id into your business card. They don’t leave a very good impression in the minds of people, and also raise questions about the credibility of your business. Always use a professional email Id containing your company’s domain name.

Avoid Advertisements

Avoid printed advertisements on the back side of the cards. Most of the printers offering free printing tend to print their advertisement about their printing services on the back side of the cards. Give the printing company strict instructions not to do so.

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