Animals that unknowingly became pests

Pest control services in Auckland are often sought for common pest problems that often leave residential, commercial, industrial and most especially agricultural industries problematic. These pests, which are usually identified as termites, rodents and cockroaches, will not only destroy property but they would also contaminate food items or products and spread various diseases which are often times fatal. Pest control businesses however, do not just concentrate on these common pests. With the world’s animal population blowing out of proportion for some species due to man’s own doing, there are some animals that pest control teams also handle in order to make things balance.



Cane Toad

One of the most common pests that pest control teams are often called to take care of is known as cane toads. Cane toads can be found almost anywhere in the world and are found in large numbers due to the fact that it can populate almost as fast and as plenty as that of a rabbit. What makes these large toads fall under the category of pests is that it brings harm to pets as when seen as a prey animal, it releases toxins that can poison not only pets but also wild animals and even humans. They are also the cause of the declining number of wildlife that the toads feast on.

Common Myna

Believe it or not, the common mynas are classified as pests and pest control teams are also called in to manage their huge numbers. While they may not look much, the common myna can do a lot of damage which is backed up by their extremely territorial behavior. To make matters worse, these birds build their nests in cavities or holes made in trees to which they would gladly build in wooden buildings if given the chance.


Another animal that is infamous for its invasive nature is the carp and pest control is often required to keep their number controlled. Carps, for all their innocent appearance, are actually quite damaging as their feeding habits force them to forage for their respective food source at the bottom of the body of water they are found in. With their food requiring to be uprooted from the bottom, the earth will come loose and will create a very unclean and muddy appearance for the water which will become a problem especially if the freshwater body that the carps are in used where the public can see it. An example of which is a park with small bonds.

While pest control companies make use of poisons in order to effectively get rid of pests, they would usually use biological-based solutions to keep things well under control.